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Q: I need virus/spyware/malware protection.  What do you recommend?
A: Visit our Resources page for links to FREE software to fill those needs.

What is TOTAL IT/Internet Management?

Total IT/Internet Management Group is just exactly what the name implies.  A TOTAL resource for your Information Technology and Internet related needs. 

Web Design

Any web design company can provide you with a "cookie-cutter" template website that lets you say your company has a online presence.  We take the design and development process one HUGE step further by taking the time to get to know and understand your business and then CUSTOM BUILD a website that will fit your needs.  Every customer is treated as an individual, not an account number or a source of income. 
For more on the TIMG web design philosophy, visit our Web Design page.

IT Services

Any "Information Technology" company can repair a computer, set up a network, sell you systems or offer advice and solutions for protecting your vital information.  We go the extra mile by taking the time to understand the goals you've set for your business, the budget available for technology related services, and respecting your level of knowledge of that technology.  We're not going to try to stun and amaze you with technical terms that are way beyond what you understand in order to sell you parts and services you don't really need.  We're going to take the time to understand what you need and what you can afford and make "plain english" suggestions based on experience and general business knowledge to help your company grow and develop.  Even more importantly, we're going to be there when you have problems or questions after the fact. 
To learn more about available home and business computer services, visit our IT Services page.